Malala Goes Lalalalala While The World Sees Red

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70 years of rivalry be it in sports or on war ground, it is difficult for Pakistan and India to eye eye-to-eye. Though recently despite this rivalry at its peak both the countries came together to hate on Malala. Silver lining?

2 days after the abolishment of Article 370 by India when everyone was fighting the social media war someone noticed that Malala the Nobel Laureate and UN Messenger of Peace had not spoken a word on the topic. People got on her case, because everyone is a phuppo online, and started hurling conspiracy theories and curses at her. Such silence in much violence, why you do that?

On 8th August Malala tweeted this:

Granted this is a pretty blah statement, it has no passion, no feels, not good adjectives and the tone is not active. My not-nobel-prize winner kid can write better that this and with more commitment. South Asia? Really? The whole of South Asia is your home? People didn’t require a lesson in geography, what they needed was for you to take a stand.

So then the backlash was deserved some would say.

Indians’ Reactions on Malala’s statement

There are hundreds of reactions like these. Not surprising though.

Pakistanis’ Reactions on Malala’s statement

Some would say haters gonna hate, and that is true, but if we make it hard for them to justify that hate the joke will be on them. As a public figure your voice matters, your words matter. You could have made your statement count. You didn’t. Try again later?

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