Twitter Reviews Thugs of Hindostan with the Usual Wit and Memes

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Thugs of Hindostan Reviews

Thugs of Hindostan reviews are in. And they don’t look good. The star-studded movie that was supposed to be a blockbuster hasn’t quite proved to be one. It was perhaps the most hyped movie of the year so far. One of the reasons was its impressive cast that included Bollywood’s Mr. Perfectionist along with the veteran Mr. Bachchan, sultry Katrina, and Dangal-wonder Fatima Sana Shaikh. Also, Thugs of Hindostan bore striking resemblance to the Hollywood flick Pirates of the Caribbean. Well, comparing the two now would be an insult to Pirates franchise.

Movie released globally on November 8th. Even in Pakistan, there were high hopes that it will draw huge crowds. So much so that Universal Cinemas decided to run over 100 shows of the movie on opening weekend. Over 100. That’s a first in modern cinema history of Pakistan.

Before you go watch the movie, here are some of the reviews from Twitter:

Thugs of Hindostan Reviews on Twitter

Here are *some* of the tweets reviewing Thugs of Hindostan. Clearly, a majority of them are negative.

First up, a critic review that you should take seriously

And this one tells exactly what’s wrong with this movie

KRK wasn’t liking it either. You gotta believe him, for once

And take her seriously. SERIOUSLY!

And then they came for Mr. Perfectionist

with digs at poorly done “action” sequences

Aamir, what have you done?

Oh, this…

Forgot Jack Sparrow yet? Ha! Carry on then…

Political. But pretty obvious.

One word to sum it all up. BORING

Just stay at home and sleep

Oh, did you book tickets in advance? DAMN!

Go get a refund. NOW.

Hear, hear!

Just say those 3 magical words


Batao bhai…

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