Who is Hareem Shah? Tik Tok star’s video in MoFA sparks controversy

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Who is Hareem Shah - the Tik Tok Star

Tik Toker Hareem Shah’s video from inside of Ministry of Foreign Affairs office has taken social media by storm. The now-famous Tik Tok star was able to access areas inside the MoFA where no one would be allowed under normal circumstances.

It all started with Hareem Shah’s video of PM Imran Khan’s meeting room. There are photos of her sitting in the chair where usually Prime Minister sits during the cabinet meetings. So, how come someone was able to get there. And make a video. And post it on Tik Tok while no one noticed.

Hareem Shah’s Video in Ministry of Foreign Affairs Pakistan office

Who is Hareem Shah?

The now-famous Tik Toker, Hareem Shah belongs to a Pashtun family. She appears to be well known figure in PTI circles. She has been clicked with Fayaz ul Hasan Chohan, Aleem Khan, Jehangir Tareen, Sheikh Rasheed, and Imran Khan previously.

Tik Tok Star Hareem Shah with Imran Khan and other PTI Leaders
Tik Tok Star Hareem Shah with Imran Khan and other PTI Leaders

There is nothing much else known about her at the moment. But I bet we’ll find out soon as she’s been appearing on different local TV channels all day.

Hareem Shah had permission to get inside MoFA

The Tik Tok start clarified her stance while talking to different media outlets, that she had permission to make a video. And if it was not allowed, someone would have stopped her

But who allowed her access is still not known

Looks like there’s an investigation going on already

#HareemShah for President!

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