MG HS Excite vs Essence: What’s Different

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MG HS Essence vs MG HS Excite: Key Differences

Last week, MG Pakistan revealed MG HS Excite – a lower priced model of the popular compact SUV. The newly released version looks a lot similar to MG HS Essence or Trophy editions. While the similarities are expected, there are also some key differences between these 2 models which justify the price difference.

Below is a comparison of MG HS Essence and Excite – highlighting the differences to help you pick the right model.

MG HS Excite vs MG HS Essence / Trophy: Key Differences

FeatureMG HS ExciteMG HS Essence / Trophy
Seat AdjustmentDriver 6 Way Manual Adjustable SeatsDriver 6 Way Electric Adjustable Seats
Heated SeatsNoYes
SunroofNoPanoramic Stargazer Sunroof
360 Degree CameraNoYes
Wheels17 inch alloy wheels18 inch allow wheels
PricePKR 72 LacsPKR 81 Lacs

Key Differentiators of MG HS Essence Model

Panoramic Sunroof

18″ Allow wheels, compared to 17″ in MG HS Excite

Other than these, the notable difference is the 360 degree camera – which can be very handy at times.

MG HS Essence and Excite: Common Features

Below are the features that both models have:

  • 1.5L Turbocharged engine
  • Leather sports seats
  • 6 Speaker sound system
  • Keyless entry system
  • Front fog lamps
  • Ambient lighting
  • Navigation
  • Electric tailgate
  • Rain sensor wipers
  • Sports metal trim pedals
  • Paddle shifters on steering wheel
  • Super sport mode

Are the additional features worth the price? The difference in price is 900k. If you can live without the sunroof, Excite is a very attractive option compared to Essence. But if you truly want the best of it, go for Essence.

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