[Video] Scarsdale School Defence Lahore Girls Torture Fellow Student

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In a disgusting video, allegedly from Scarsdale International School Defence Lahore, four girls are seen assaulting a fellow student. The girls have the victim pinned to the ground and are demanding her to “say sorry”. Two girls are sitting on the girl, another one is seen kicking her and pulling her hair and pinning her head to the ground. And there is another girl who is making the video. In addition to the girls who are seen in the video, there are a few boys too who can be heard laughing and talking while videotaping the torture.

Here’s the video of the incident

It’s not clear why those girls are demanding “sorry” and torturing the girl. Per the media reports, the father of the victim said that the his daughter had stopped the girls from using drugs. And according to some social media users, the victim had apparently also made a video of assailants taking drugs. This could possibly be the reason why they’re demanding her to apologize.

In the video, the victim refuses to apologize, hence the onslaught continues with no help in sight. Girls torturing her actually say this that “no one will help you”. The audacity with which these entitled brats are committing this act is horrendous.

Scarsdale International School has apparently taken no action

The fact that this bullying is happening at campus of a school in Defence Lahore, allegedly Scarsdale International School. An elite school located in one of the posh areas of Pakistan’s second largest city. What’s disappointing is, not just that the school management is not seen anywhere in the video, but there has been complete silence even after the incident.

School has issued no statement of taking any action against the culprits. Maybe because they submit their school fees on time.

Funny that if you go to school’s website, this is what you see first on their homepage:

  • Your “community” might be “responsible” but it is nowhere to be seen during or after the incident.
  • The ambitious teachers are absent from the scene while this act is going on on your campus.
  • The passion is quite evident in the video
  • And your graduates certainly do look like the ones changing the world. for the worse!

Now imagine the hue and cry if this had happened in a Government school.

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