Celebs Reactions on Ali Zafar’s LSA 2019 Nomination

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LSA 2019 Ali Zafar Nomination

Lux Style Awards 2019 nominations came out last month. And the upcoming awards show has been talk of the town since then. For all the wrong reasons, sadly. The LSA 2019 jury nominated Ali Zafar for an award, and some people are not cool with that. They refused to share the platform with an alleged harasser. ALLEGED harasser.

Who would do that? Well, a whole lot of celebs. 7 of them have already ‘rejected’ their nominations and made it clear that they won’t be part of the show if Ali Zafar is not taken of the list. The jury decided to side with Ali, and angered a few more of them.

Here’s how Pakistani celebs are reacting to this whole Ali Zafar vs Meesha Shafi, and Lux Style Awards 2019 saga.

Celebs React to Ali Zafar, Meesha Shafi, and LSA 2019

So there are two types of reactions basically. “Innocent until proven guilty”, and “Guilty when accused”. Let’s first see who’s on which side:

Innocent until proven guiltyGuilty as soon as accused
Ayesha Fazli – Ali Zafar’s wifeSaba Hameed – Meesha’s mom
Maya AliEman Suleman
Shamoon AbbasiHareem Farooq
Humayon SaeedMaheen Khan
Sadaf KanwalRehmat Ajmal
Ahmed Ali ButtFrieha Altaf
Iman AliGeneration – clothing brand
Munib NawazThe Sketches – a folk band
Ahsan KhanFatima Nasir – makeup artist
Saima Bargfrede – makeup artist
Farwa Kazmi
Zara Peerzada
Iffat Umar

Model Eman Suleman was the first one to speak up. And from there the trend started.

There has been pressure on Unilever to withdraw Ali Zafar’s LSA 2019 nomination. However, they have decided to stand by their decision saying the Film jury does not take into account ‘personal characters or actions of people’.

LSA 2019 Ali Zafar Nomination

This does not stop people from putting their Lux Awards out on the road. Then take a photo, and take the trophy back inside. What fun!

The awards show is still a few days away. So we’re in for some more of it for sure.

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