ICC World Cup 2019 Anthems ki Maar

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The cricket world cup fever is in the air and there is no vaccination for it. Believe me I tried. Cricket is the only thing that unites all of us beyond class, colour, and sexism and reminds us that we have green running in our bloods – well, that and expats.

With this fever running high it makes absolute sense for brands to take full advantage of it and swing their brand for a sixer. In layman terms create anthems that owns the world cup season and more importantly hikes up their sales.

Remember the 1992 ICC anthem? I bet you do. But I still want to share it for the feels

Since that song I have not heard any anthem that stands the test of time, but that could be because we won and well in your face England!

ICC Anthem

Cricket world cup 2019 ICC anthem is quite meh and if we win this one it won’t hold a candle to its predecessor, though it’s not a bad song in its own.

Coke – #ExtremelyPakistani

My favourite one is hands down the one produced by Xulfi for Coke. Yes, I am #ExtremelyPakistani! Though there is no green in the entire video and way too much red because coke, but looking past that, it is a song jisko sun ker kuch kuch hota hai.

Sooper – #SooperJunoonWorldCup

Junoon. You hear that word and you have expectations. You know they will serve, and we will lap it up because hai jazba junoon… but I wasn’t too impressed. It had symptoms of being Junoon-esque but doesn’t have the ‘own it’ spirit in it. This song was not so sooper.

Uber – #OnOurWayO

This fan anthem though not from Pakistan has the 1992 kid keera in it. Sponsored by Uber it is a bouquet of artist from around the globe, not sure why they missed us even though we have Uber here, hello!

PTV also came up with their own anthem. “PTV proudly presents #DilJeetKayAa, our energetic & rhythmic tribute to #TeamPakistan for the #ICCWorldCup2019 composed by Pakistan’s foremost music composer & singer #sahiralibagga. Enjoy, share & join the celebration!”

PTV – #DilJeetKayAa

Ten Sports – #humaaribaari 

This is a cool addition to the lot. Cheeky and fun and definitely very youthful.

Star Sports – #CricketkaCrown

Here’s one Star Sports featured. Not an anthem, but kinda catchy.

That was a sort of round up of how everyone is cheering the teams on. Our team although is completely unpredictable. Since many are comparing it the 1992 cup I’ll just say this: “I want my team to play today like a cornered tiger when it’s at its most dangerous”, Imran Khan’s infamous words that legend says made the Pakistan win the 1992 world cup. Then he was the captain of the cricket team, today he is the captain of the nation and we hope against all hopes to reach the finals; for Imran Khan to go into that locker room for a pep talk and let history do what it does best – repeat itself.

Go greens!

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