PEMRA Bans Coca Cola “Extremely Pakistani” Ad

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PEMRA Bans Coca Cola "Extremely Pakistani" TVC

Apparently, PEMRA did not like Coca Cola’s take on extremism.

In an extreme turn of events, PEMRA has banned the new Coca Cola “Extremely Pakistani” TVC. Just a day after the ad started airing, the media regulatory authority has notified all TV channels, FM stations and all other licensees to stop airing the ad.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise. The ad has offended a lot of people. Some of them, it seems, complained to PEMRA which resulted in some action.

PEMRA bans “Extremely Pakistani” Coca Cola Ad

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority banned the Coke ad. The notice says:

“Whereas it has been observed that satellite TV channels, FM Radios and Distribution Service licensees are airing a TVC of Coca Cola. The content of the advertisement is not only offensive but also tantamount to demeaning Pakistanis, as a nation. PEMRA is continuously receiving complaints and criticism from general public through Pakistan Citizen Portal and PEMRA Complaints Call Centre on subject TVC. Public at large is criticizing theme of this advertisement which is promoting negative perception against Pakistan and Pakistani nation, world over.”

Public wrath was conveyed to Coca Cola

PEMRA shared the feedback it received through the Citizen Portal with Coca Cola. It was shared through Pakistan Advertising Association and the Coca Cola team was told to edit the TVC immediately. But to no avail.

As a result, the ad was banned. Till “its content is reviewed and controversial content is omitted from the TVC.”

In case Coca Cola fails to comply with request to remove the controversial content from the TVC video, legal action will be taken under Section 29, 30 and 33 of PEMRA (Amendment) Act 2007.

In case you haven’t seen the ad yet, here it is:

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