Pepsi and Careem Stage a Fight to Get Attention

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Pepsi and Careem Fake War on Social Media

Who knew that you could get sued for uttering the name of a brand. Well, that’s what Pepsi folks think. Would you believe that? No? Doesn’t matter. There are people out there who believed it. Or just pretended that they did.

Apparently, there was a war of words between Careem and Pepsi on Twitter. The only problem? It had STAGED written all over it. That’s alright. Only if they would use a better script.

A Rs. 20 Promo from Careem, how’s that?!?!

It started when a “random” tweep asked for a promo. Careem, in return, offered a free Pepsi. 20 rupay ki Pepsi for a promo. Irresistible offer!

Don’t you dare take the name of sugar-water selling company!

Well, that’s illegal for sure. What else do we call it? Sugar water, right?

You just wish it would end there. But like every Bollywood movie, it lingered on…

Careem being Careem

What does this even mean?

But they apparently had the storyline. Next step? Let’s create some hype. Letsgo!

A certain ‘viral blog’ named after a fruit was pulled in…

Yeah. Who else 😉

There had to be some pointless “item songs” too, to add some flavor. So the Social Media ‘experts’, and ‘viral’ content websites were brought in to promote the “fight”. And they came in aplenty.

Wait! How about a random stranger promoting a Pepsi tweet?

Careem and Pepsi Pakistan Brand Name without permission

We love happy endings, don’t we?

Here’s what they were promoting…

Pepsi and Careem have a history. They have partnered for sponsored campaigns before. That’s cool. It’s normal for brands to collaborate and work together on joint marketing campaigns. And to be fair, the campaign did manage to get some attention. But there are creative ways to do that too. This campaign had “fake” written all over it.

20 rupay ki Pepsi ki qeemat tum kia jaano Careem babu.

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