Spotlight: Laundry the Never-Ending Story No More

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Maid problems are the bane of everyone’s life in Pakistan. After politics the most discussed topic in desi households, most likely. If you are sans maid and/or a working person who lives on takeaways laundry is a mammoth size problem to tackle for washing comes in categories; bedsheets and towels that go to dhobis, formal clothes that go to the dry cleaners, and the inbetweeners that get washed at home.

With laundry come problems like water issues, dhobis, cleaners, lost clothes, burnt shirts, missing buttons, electricity issues if you have a washing machine, and the many excuses and stories that come with it. To be honest I haven’t found one place that is reliable and affordable enough to do my dirty laundry without incurring one of the above problems. Even at home I have new tie and dye designs on expensive shirts because,” baaji, pata nahi yeh rung kaisay lag gaya, mein ne tou alag dhoay they.Haan, urh kar agay hoga.

Recently, I came across this service called Wash Up, a start-up stemming from Karachi that has expanded to Lahore. From its rating of 4.8 out of 5 on Facebook it seems like the answer to all things laundry. It provides you with dry-cleaning and laundry services (insert ‘how old were you when you learned dry cleaning and laundry were different things meme’ here).

About Wash Up

Their website is filled with angraiz (thank you stock images), but I doubt that you will have yellow haired man ring your doorbell for clothes. Here is what they have to say about their service:

Washup is the Pakistan leading online laundry and dry-cleaning services, offering unparalleled level of quality cleaning across in Lahore Pakistan. Our 5-star laundry service replace the need for using your local launderette or dry cleaner and we are offer a quick and convenient pick up services direct from your home and drop at your door step. Our free Washup drycleaner app is available on both iOS and android devices. However, you can also place your order through our website. Whether you are dry cleaning shits, suit, pent court or other items or simply looking for a quality duvet cleaning services, Washup offer the highest quality services to direct your door. Just ironing that you need? We also offer an iron only services which means you’ll never need to worry about ironing again. Join the world fastest growing laundry and dry-cleaning services revaluation by scheduling a collection, then fill our laundry bags with your garments and we’ll deliver at a time and place that suits you. Our mobile laundry service is even backed by our quality guarantee. So, forget queuing at your high street launderette with Washup, all your laundry, dry cleaning and ironing is take care off.

How Washup Works

Laundry list of services

Saying that not just because I wanted to use that phrase, but also because quite truly they cover everything! Silk, suede, leather, boski, drapery, curtain, suits, blankets, bedsheets, bedspreads…the list goes on. The reviews laud it as economical too.

And of course they have an app too for iOS and android users, so basically anyone with a smartphone, to make things easier.

I haven’t tried them out myself, but the reviews have convinced me I should.

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