Top 3 Ramazan Ads of 2019

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Ramazan is here and like every year brands put forward there naik image forward. Though this year there were less brands that got emotional over the month and we saw just a handful of ads that revolved around the theme. Not sure why but could be a budget issue or it was too hot for them to care.

 Either way, here are the top 3 ads we found that hit the mark.

Surf Excel #EesarEkIbadat 

This is one brand that captures the spirit of the month every year. Their sound tracks are always uplifting and are not just there for the sake of it. They add to the magic.

Rooh Afza

Definitely a feel good ad but a little predictable as well. It’s a 3 mins long journey from Ramazan to Eid with a confusing introduction of the Independence Day, which is three months away. I guess they were trying to capture the patriotic spirit in the light of the recent Indian attack?

Sunridge Chakki Atta #BarhengeSaath

This one made a blurry eyed a little. They did not spend too much budget on it like brands do, yet out out a strong message. Also, grownups are complete %^!&#s.

Guess that is why basing the story around children is the prevailing theme almost every year. They tug at the heart and let’s face it adults doing the same might be a colossal waste of budget. Though to be fair Shan Masala did a good job pulling it of in 2015.

But it seems Pakistanis are not the only ones who have cracked the code. Here’s a bonus Tata ad that uses the same formula and nails it.

If you have seen a Ramazan ad this year that we haven’t captured but fits the ‘rolao ge lya paglay’ category, let us know.

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