3 Pakistani Celebrities Rescuing Parents in the Lockdown

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Covid-19 is here to stay and this ‘new normal’ is taking a lot of time to be accepted. For the longest (a month which feels like a year, honestly), people ribbed about the virus, about quarantine, and every night there were at least 10 people going live on Instagram. Slowly it started seeping in and people calmed down on social media to deal with the chaos of the new normal.

While we jested, ridiculed, denied, coiled some had the foresight of realising the gravity of the issue and think beyond themselves. Here are some celebrities who nailed the lockdown.

Sarwat Gillani

A brilliant idea to start an online art class for all the mothers who do not know what to do with their energiser-bunny like children. Presenting Sarwat’s Art Class which is in session everyday around 5pm guiding mothers and kids on making creative crafts. With her two boys Sarwat gives tips on how to manage the children during lockdown along with tutorials on how to use household items to make art. People from all around the world send their entries and gratitude. Well done, Sarwat!

Aamina Sheikh

Another mother who understands that with social distancing and schools being locked down mothers need an avenue to engage their children in a productive way. No, Peppa Pig, you haram!

Aamina started her YouTube channel called MeissaMama and with her daughter Meissa who she reads Urdu storybooks to in a very animated fashion. The rapport they have going during the story telling session, it engages you and keeps you glued to the screen until the very end. Also, who knew there so many Urdu storybooks out there! I love the fact that both Sarwat and Amina are catering to Urdu speaking audience and not showing off their English-speaking skills just because.

Ehsan Khan

And why should the fathers be left behind! Ehsan Khan uses his Instagram account to read Islamic stories with his children and then discusses the moral of the story with his children. Together they enlighten the viewers about anecdotes of Quranic stories in causal, light-hearted manner. Beautiful idea. Though, his videos are not an on-going routine and are posted on ad hoc bases, but they definitely should be a regular feature.

Good going you guys and thank you for not putting up gym videos to show us how fit you are or TikTok videos to show what an awesome actor you are. Not that I have anything against those people, but I have nothing for them either.

*picks up rock, gym enthusiast and TikTokers come crawling out

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