7 Pakistani Instagrammers Who Have Nailed Their Profiles

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If you are thinking of creating an Instagram account or are looking for ways to change up your Instagram feed, you are reading the right article. Congratulations. You may not be aware of this, but Instagram themes play a massive role in gaining followers. It requires a bit of planning but it’s an investment totally worth making.

A promotion might people to visit your profile but it’s the feed that has to close the deal.  That space is important real estate and defines your brand. Of course, there are brands that are doing well without adopting this philosophy, but most of them are slowly moving towards a makeover.

There are several ways you can design your page and not all have to do with creating templates. Here are a few that are pretty basic:

  1. Colour
  2. Grid
  3. Tone
  4. Borders
  5. Across the grid
  6. Framing

I’ll take you through these themes with the Pakistani accounts who are nailing this art in their digital journey. Most of them are recent accounts so I would not judge them on their following; what you should look at is the themes they are


Choose a colour palette and stick with it. It could be just the colours of your logo or restricted to a few accents colours that compliment your products. Colour blocking for example is one way of creating a unique profile.  

Pvoinspireme follows this way of execution going with the purple of the logo colour that is embedded in her product as well.


Figure out a pattern. This will require a bit of back end planning, but once that is figured out it’s an easy road from there where you just need to stick to a posting schedule. The pattern you choose can be chequered or you can have a horizontal one where the one of the rows to stand out.

Thenotsosupermommy makes her grid with highlighting one side of the grid with text. Cleverly creating a puzzle that completes a flower and giving the feed a lucid feel.


This one is hard to crack but comes together beautiful. You will need to figure out a tone or a filter that gives you the same lighting results. There are several apps that can help you with that. Photoshop Express, Snapseed, Adobe Lightroom and such.

Ushnasomething uses the tone to unify the look of her profile. The chiaroscuro of the grid looks amazing and automatically draws you in.


You can take and upload photos either in square or rectangle format for this theme. Mix it up and you will achieve a unique feed that is full of white spaces which help highlight the photos

Eikon7group uses this grin methodology to create horizontal white bars to give the images a format. This way the images don’t clash with each other no matter how diversified the content is.

Across the grid:

This is not something you would see on Instagram on a daily basis, but when you come across one done well it looks fabulous. Interspersed with the regular post this gives a good relief.

Sahibbahadar uses this awesome technique for almost all their posts. This account has got to be seen!


Another way of standing out in the crowd is sticking to the same style. You can choose to show your feed with a similar type of photography. Choose to just do portrait shots or just shots from a certain angle.

Thedaarhistory is an account all about beards. Their account curates images that a primarily portrait shots which works well for the brand and weaves a fantastic theme.


Shoeshtory is an account for shoes that has frames that focus just on the shoe from a bird’s eye view. Though the background is quite different in each post, but look awesomely the peking shoe ties it all together into a theme.

These Pakistani Instagrammers are really taking it a level up with defining their brand. Let’s take inspiration from them and chalk out how we can make our accounts unusual and unique. Remember when the people come to your profile what they see will make them click that tiny follow button, and in life all we want is a few million followers and a few thousand likes. Am I right?

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