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Imran Tahir Memes Collection 2019 Cricket World Cup

There’s nothing like an Imran Tahir celebration. Soon as the Pakistan-born South African spinner takes a wickets, he takes off. Literally. Well, that can’t be explained in words… here’s what I’m talking about:

Imran Tahir does that almost every time he takes a wicket. What’s amazing is that he runs away from his team mates as he celebrates. Takes a round and comes back to hug his mates later.

He’s done this many times in Cricket World Cup 2019 too.

The fans love it, and the memes below are the proof:

Imran Tahir Celebration Memes

There are plenty of them. But this one’s perhaps the best:

Imran Tahir Peek Freans Sooper Meme

A lot of people took to Tik Tok to mimic the celebration.

Imran Tahir Memes on Tik Tok

Here’s another one:

There’s no stopping Tahir…

Imran Tahir Meme DDLJ

No one

Literally nobody

Imran Tahir Meme Usain Bolt Race

Tahir’s going places…

Imran Tahir on Moon Meme

Reached Lahore

and now on a beach

Was caught for a traffic violation

Imran Tahir Meme Traffic Warden

And got arrested too

He’s playing around with the Bollywood folk

The Forrest Gump moment

Meanwhile, the fans in the stadium:

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