Government Bans Basant 2019 Festival in Lahore Now

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News Just in: Basant in Lahore 2019

The Government of Punjab has confirmed the Basant 2019 date for Lahore, and other cities of Punjab. The news was announced today by the culture minister Fayaz ul Hassan Chohan. And it was received by great excitement.

Per the announcement, the Lahore Basant festival date is February 10, 2019. That’s second week of February. Lahore sky is expected to be full of kites on the day.

Basant will be celebrated after 12 years

2006 was last time when Basant kite flying festival was celebrated in Pakistani Punjab. It’s been a wait of 12 long years. Every year, a large number of enthusiasts request the authorities to allow them to celebrate the festival, but they haven’t had much luck. Now with the new Government at helm, the situation seems to have changed. The new Government has shown willingness to cope with the challenges that come with this festival.

Challenges with Basant & Kite Flying

When people use a metal wire to fly the kites, it poses a handful of serious challenges for authorities. It damages the infrastructure – electricity in particular and can be deadly for humans and animals. There have been deaths in the past due to injuries caused by the thread used for kite flying. That’s the reason why Basant was banned. And it will be a challenge to cope with these serious issues.

The Government has decided to form a committee to cope with these challenges. Punjab Law minister and chief secretary among other administrative officials will be the members of the committee. They are likely to recommend ways to ensure the safety of environment and the people.

Basant in Lahore

Before it was banned in 2007, Basant was the most happening event of the year in Lahore. Many people would travel to Lahore from around the country as well as from abroad, just to celebrate the event. On the day of the festival, the sky would get full of kites, with people dancing on dhol beats.

What is Basant Festival?

Basant is traditional Punjab festival that is traditionally celebrated on fifth day of the month of Magha (in Punjabi calendar). The day marks the arrival of Spring season. However in Pakistan, it is usually in first half of February when the festival is held.

When is Basant in Lahore?

It will be on February 10, 2019 – second week of the February 2019.

Update on January 24, 2019

Per the news, the Government of Punjab has now decided to NOT hold the Basant festival. This was announced by a committee formed by the Government. So the people are advised to refrain from kite flying.

We’ll keep you posted if there are any other changes.

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