Robert Pattinson for Dior sets internet on fire in ‘The Elevator’ Ad

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Camille Rowe & Robert Pattinson for Dior ‘The Elevator’ Ad

An ad featuring Robert Pattinson for Dior has gone viral. 6 years after it was made. And we are not complaining. It’s probably the hottest shit you’ll see this week. Or this month. But how on earth did this happen?

The elevator ad has hints of the ’50 shades’. Robert Pattinson and Camille Rowe are making out in an elevator. The guy just choked a million hearts with his hands on Camille’s neck. Twitterverse has been set on fire.

First, let’s have a look at the ad:

Robert Pattinson for Dior: Elevator Ad


This is the firestarter:

The tweet that started it all

Then it spread to other species

And then everyone wanted some

Game of chokes, Robert Pattinson edition

JFYI… Camille Rowe also features in the ad

Watch it again

And again

One more time

Whoops! *cringe*

Be your own Robert Pattinson

Same sister. Same!

Elevators will never be the same again

Y’all never seen this before?

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