Careem, the Number One Social Media Marketing Giant in Pakistan?

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Not many brands in Pakistan are taking advantage of digital marketing, which is strange to us because that is where most of your TG is. The brands that are jumping on the bandwagon seem to be doing it without a strategic approach. Though one brand seems to be leading the digital marketing scene by leaps and bounds and that gives us quite a high.

If you ask Careem what sets them apart from their competitors they will tell you it’s their multi-device agility, their service of booking a ride in the present or future time, their ability to cater to customers from all income brackets, their thorough background checks, and their mobile wallet functionality.

What they miss out on is another big factor that sets them apart – way, way, waaaay apart from their competitor aka Uber – Innovation. Bro, Careem is doing everything right where marketing is concerned. In short, they are slaying it.

Let’s take a page from their book

In Pakistan when we say, ‘winter is coming’, it means only one thing – shaadi season! Because in December everyone and their dog gets married. So, careem cleverly jumped on the opportunity and announced their service of renting a buggy. Brilliant.

Side note: their comments on the tweet inquiries were epic as well

But we digress.
Careem has come up with awesome customer engagement ideas to make the ride count.

Remember this genius rishta aunty campaign?

It started with identifying a simple trend –rishtas – the youth is in search of a suitable match and their parents are always on a lookout. A ride between 12pm to 10pm was introduced for a short period of time to facilitate those who were searching for soulmates. All you had to do was select the Rishta Aunty car type and you’d unlock the desi cupid.

Careem is known for its unique offers that arrive out of nowhere and make you realise, ‘oh yeah, that would be good to have’. Their free grooming service on Eid is one such example. They started a Naayi car type providing you with a grooming service at your doorstep. Yup, they were the Gharpar for men, and pretty ahead of their time.

How can we forget this offer that won many hearts, the Jamhuriat Car? The response for this was so overwhelming that they had to put into play the standard cars as well.

Innovation, emotions, and connection is at the heart of all brands that become Lovemark brands. These brands tune into the consumer’s emotional needs and wants and strive to create movements. Lovemarks transcend brands because they inspire loyalty beyond reason. Take away a brand and people will find a replacement, but take away a Lovemark and people will protest its absence, according to Kevin Roberts, the brains behind the concept. Many brands have reached this nirvana like state in people’s hearts, like Google or Apple.

Careem seems to be working on this very methodology– granted they have miles to go– but they seem to be doing everything on the mark to earn the love and respect of consumers, two core ingredients required to become a Lovemark.   

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