Zero Team Launches India’s First Snapchat Lens ft. Bauua Singh

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Transform yourself into Shah Rukh Khan’s Bauua Singh with this official Zero Snapchat Lens. Released by Red Chilies Entertainment, the lense allows you to interact with movie’s plot, flaunting the Bauua Singh look with sunglasses and the garland. This offers users a cool new way to get into their new favorite character.

This another first in Bollywood’s marketing techniques to promote a movie. Red Chilies team are not leaving a stone unturned to promote their newest movie. Snapchat lens is the latest edition. SRK also made an appearance as an official story on Snapchat earlier this month.

It’s not just Snapchat that the Zero team is using to reach the younger movie goers. They were the first ones to introduce the official Zero WhatsApp stickers earlier this month. While Snapchat may not have as many users as WhatsApp, but it sure has great popularity among the younger lot. So this is really going to help them get more people interested in the movie.

Download Zero Snapchat Lens

Follow this link, then Snap with your phone to download it. After you download it, just tap on your face while taking a snap and select the lens from carousel.

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