Coca-Cola Pakistan Celebration App for the Shaadi Season

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Digital is where the world is at. We keep saying that like a broken record, true, because we see no brand in Pakistan leading in this arena.

Recently though, Coca-Cola Pakistan jumped on that bandwagon with their celebration app. The app has been created around making wedding preps straightforward by giving you the ease of booking photographers, venues, designers, caterers, and entertainment, basically all the big ticketing items, for your big day. That is a lot checked off on the wedding list, tbh.

This app goes marvelously with Coca-Cola’s latest messaging Khulay Khushia (Open Happiness), but for their current tagline, ‘Maza har Lamhay Ka, this is a bit of a tight fit. I guess one could argue the current tagline seems so all-encompassing that this app fits like a glove. To those people we would like to say, no. Stop analysing marketing ideas with your ignorant magnifying glass. Maza har lamhay speaks of instant gratification. It speaks about the ‘now’ moment. Nothing wrong with that, we should all be living in the now without being told by brands, but living in the now does not unfortunately work with weddings. Weddings are all about….well, everything but the now moment. Yet, we will let this slide without raising too many eyebrows. Why? Because at least they are trying to embrace teh digital world.

About the app

The interface of the app is quite dhinchik (wedding like) with a beautiful splash of colours. The functionality is pretty basic though, quite user-friendly. The home page carries two options to start with – Customised Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola Musical.

The first category gives you the option to order yourself or your love one a customised bottle with your name on it. For people who never found their name on the bottle here’s your opportunity to get one.

The second category is supposed to give you the option to book a Coke Studio artist to come sing at your wedding, but there is a glitch and for us the screen showed no options at all, hence, we are not sure who all is on the panel.

At the bottom there are tabs to book vendors and view your orders and cart. The ask is to sign in with your Facebook account, which we tried but ended up on a blank page that refuses to load no matter how many times you try.  Because of tise malfunction we couldn’t explore the options there are for photographers, vendors, designers and the other offerings. One would have thought they would test the app diligently before releasing it to avoid a bad experience because it is Coke and the expectation from the brand are very high. The timing of the app is a total no-brainer; December is wedding season and a perfect time to release any shaadi related product/service/campaign, however, if we can’t use the app for the purpose it was created should there be any marks given for striking while the iron was hot?

Remains to be seen if they will delve into other celebratory moments and take this app to the next level – like birthdays, anniversaries and such – or is this the extent of happiness Coke revolves around.

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