Pakistani University to Observe Sisters Day on 14th February

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Valentines Day 2019 is Sisters Day in Pakistan

The vice chancellor of University of Agriculture Faisalabad put his academic credentials to great use and came up with a very creative idea. The idea is sure to earn Pakistan headlines in major news outlets across the world.

The university has announced to observe Sisters Day on 14th February, to replace Valentines Day. Because simply banning it is not enough. You have to teach them lovebirds a lesson. And what better way to teach them a lesson than to make them brothers and sisters.

The goal is to “promote eastern culture and Islamic traditions among the youth”. What noble cause. Sounds a bit like Raksha Bandhan for Pakistanis. But wait, it gets better.

The chancellor of the university, Dr. Zafar Iqbal Randhawa further added, “we are enriched in our culture, norms, and Islamic values.” And that “UAF was mulling a plan to distribute scarf, shawls and gowns printed with UAF insignia among female students on the day.”

Distribute shawls, scarfs, and gowns? Wow! That will for sure bring great respect to all the women out there. That’s what they need. Scarves and gowns to cover themselves. Who needs books when you have scarves and burqas.

Valentines Day in Pakistan

The move has drawn widespread criticism as well as great praise from different circles. The VC, on the other hand, has requested the ‘wealthy people’ to come forward and donate burqas and scarves for this noble cause.

What an incredible idea. Can’t believe it’s coming from a vice chancellor, and not from some right-wing student group.

Valentines Day in Pakistan always manages to trigger a controversy. Just last year, the Islamabad High Court put a ban on airing anything related to valentines day, in any promotion, by any brand. We’ve effectively banned Valentine’s Day. For years. That’s alright. It’s not our culture, we’ve heard. Just ban it then. What’s the point in making a mockery out of it?

So, what will you be celebrating on February 14th, 2019 – Valentines Day, or Sisters Day?

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