Pakistani Brands Take The #10YearChallenge

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Social media never fails to disappoint in the realm of trending hashtags. Recently added to the hype is the #10YearChallenge popularised by celebrities of posting a picture of you from 10 years ago along with a picture of you now. This trend seems to have started on Facebook and if we go by what the conspiracy theorists are saying, this is not just a harmless meme. Nahuh. This is a way to update the facial recognition software by having people volunteer their updated picture, because who has time to shuffle through millions and millions of data. Genius move, Mark. We hear the questions that you want to shoot at us for this theory, but that was just a little nugget of information for the curious and not the purpose of this post.

While, a lot of people are having fun with this as this challenge snowballs into a full-blown trend, brands are taking this opportunity to what they do best – market.

When on social media, do as hashtags do

Going by this adage a lot of brands showed there woke side and got busy hacking away at their keyboards for ideas to stay relevant.


Polio program

WWF Pakistan



MI Pakistan

Microsoft Pakistan

Oppo Pakistan

It’s good to see Pakistani brands trying to make the most of their social media presence. We hope to see more of them create trends and not just follow them.

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