Holy Dow! Josh Condoms at Dow University for… “Fahaashi”?

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Josh- Ccondoms Dow University

Pretty sure you have seen these two guys dressed as packs of condoms hanging around in a university.

Josh Condoms Dow University Karachi

DKT Pakistan, the makers of Josh Condoms paid a visit to Dow University of Health Sciences Karachi. The move triggered some typical Pakistani responses. People are irked, questioning the presence of a condom brand at a university.

There was this newspaper report that literally equated this campaign to promotion of fahaashi.

Josh Condoms Dow University Awareness Campaign

As if the students can’t get those johnny bags from a shop if they wanted.

Josh awareness campaign for World Contraception Day

This is an awareness campaign. They are not out there selling condoms to university students. Instead, they are creating awareness. This is need of the hour. In a country where a large majority of population doesn’t know shit about STDs (sexually transmitted diseases), or contraception. People are largely unaware of the dangers that unprotected sex poses.

So it’s important that medical students are not only made aware, but are encouraged to spread awareness to masses.

Good Marketing technique?

For DKT Pakistan, this was perhaps a genius move. They got to market their product to their target audience: medical students in the final year. Not only that, there was enough uproar on social media to convey the message across.

Josh Condoms Vending Machines

There was more than handful presence of Josh brand on Dow University campus. Apart from the two folks wearing condom packs, there were condom vending machines.

Could these be rolling out to the market soon, maybe?

In any case, that was a pretty clever move from DKT Pakistan. It did trigger some outrage, but then it’s not easy to market this product in Pakistan without people getting irked.

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