Now on Netflix: Salam – The First ****** Nobel Laureate

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Salam - The First ****** Nobel Laureate on Netflix

You can now watch Salam on Netflix. The documentary film based on life of the first Pakistani Nobel Laureate and physicist Abdus Salam releases on Netflix on October 3, 2019. The film is titled “Salam – The First ****** Nobel Laureate”. The word “Muslim” is shown censored in the movie title. This could make the movie a bit more controversial. Not that it isn’t already.

They could have just called it “Salam – The First Pakistani Nobel Laureate“. But well, they chose not to.

Salam has had several screenings before Netflix release

Before today’s release on Netflix, Salam has had a few screenings at different events across 30 cities. The movie has received widespread acclaim and good appreciation. It has been nominated for six awards. But it had not been made available to a global audience. Till now.

As this Abdus Salam biopic is now streaming on Netflix, it is the first time that it is available to the wider audience.

Salam - The First ****** Nobel Laureate on Netflix

Movie touches on the controversial subject

A blurb from movie’s official website reads:

But even as he was pushing the boundaries of his work and science, his country was curtailing his rights as a citizen. A member of the Ahmadiyya sub-sect of Islam, Salam was forbidden from identifying as a Muslim and eventually rejected by his State, but not his people. This caused him great personal heartbreak, even as he scaled the heights of professional success on the world stage.

Now… it is debatable how being ‘forbidden from identifying as a Muslim‘ equates to ‘curtailing citizen rights‘. But let’s not get into that debate.

Salam producers and the director

The movie is directed by Anand Kamalakar, a renowned, Brooklyn based director who has directed multiple documentaries before.

But it would not have been possible without efforts of it’s producers:

  • Omar Vandal – Senior Scientist, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Zakir Thaver – TV producer and science enthusiast

Could the movie Salam be banned on Netflix in Pakistan?

Not sure if this is possible, technically. But depending on the uproar that the release of this movie may trigger, the Government may ask Netflix to not release Salam – The First ****** Nobel Laureate in Pakistan.

Let’s hope the movie does not face any censorship in Pakistan. Apart from the controversy aspect, the film reveals the fascinating life of Pakistani scientist. The first Nobel Laureate. A child prodigy from a remote village of Punjab that went on to become one of the most acclaimed Pakistani scientists.

Follow this link to watch Salam on Netflix. You will need a Netflix subscription, of course.

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