Justice For Haleema Amin: Bahria University Islamabad Student Falls to Death

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Bahria University Islamabad New Campus

In what appears to be a case of gross negligence, Haleema Amin, a student of Bahria University Islamabad fell to her death. Haleema was a BS Accounting and Finance student, in her second semester. The shocking incident occurred at an under construction campus of Bahria University. But several social media users are claiming that the had already started holding classes at the campus. Despite it being under construction.

University management is obviously trying to play down the incident. Some are terming it as a suicide. Others say that there are no classes being conducted on the campus yet. Administration is also trying to pin it on her friends. However, multiple social media users are denying these reports.

Haleema Amin: Bahria University Business School student

How the incident occurred

It happened at Bahria Business School.

At around noon, 12:17pm, Haleema Amin accidentally stepped on a cardboard paper that covered an opening on the 4th floor. She fell and died at the spot.

Haleema was first moved to PIMS but then was transferred to CMH at around 1:30pm, against doctors’ will , allegedly.

User account of the incident

Justice for Haleema: Bahria University student

And another

Grave Negligence

  • The campus is still under construction, but the Bahria University was already holding classes at the campus.
  • There were no warning signs in place.
  • An opening on the FOURTH floor was covered by just a paperboard.
  • No security cameras on campus.
  • No proper fencing

And then the whole weight of administration is being put to silence the family.

Family is being pressurized

Some users claim that victim’s family is being pressurized to not file/pursue a case. The reports cannot be confirmed but several users have shared it.

Per a user account, it happened at Bahria University’s new campus for Accounting and Finance that was opened on September 11th. While the campus is still under construction, classes for 13 batches of undergraduate classes had already started.

The JusticeForHaleema campaign has already started on Social Media, where several users are sharing their grief and shock at the incident. Demanding action against the culprits.

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