Slofie? What Slofie?

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What is a Slofie? A slow-motion selfie video

So, who is this Slofia? Err Slofie.

The Gen Zers’ trendsetter, and Apple CEO Tim Cook took the stage today to announce 3 shiny new iPhones. The iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max. The Pro versions come with 3 cameras at the back while iPhone 11 has 2 cameras. On the front side though, the cameras are same. And they are capable of taking slofies. Now, what the hell is a “slofie”?

Why selfie when you can slofie?

You know why, Apple. #NoFilter

What is Slofie?
Slo-mo Selfie Video aka Slofie

So basically, Slofie is a slo-mo Selfie video.

Roger that. Cool name, Apple.


Now, apart from this rather not-so-catchy-newly-coined-name, this is actually a great feature. Recording 4k videos with front camera can be useful. So is the slofie. I know, Android has had this feature for yeeeeearrrrs. Yup, I know! But it doesn’t get cooler than that.

5 Characteristics of a Slofie

Thinking how a slofie is different from a selfie? Here’s your selfie vs slofie comparison, and 5 cool features of slofies.

1. Slofies are slow


2. It’s not for everyone

Especially men with short hair. Here. See..

3. A slofie-making machine costs $700 apiece

aka the iPhone 11. Don’t try and rotate your phone just to take a slofie with rear camera.

4. Say brrrrrr

“Say-cheese” is so millennial-sy. The perfect slofie pose would be…

5. Slofie is the worst word of 2019

Belfies are the best! No, don’t Google it.

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