Lota Vs Toilet Paper – Hasan Minhaj Gets Some Desi In

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(Photo: Facebook/Hasan Minaj)

“I wanted to do a show about politics, and news and culture… and we did it, we got our first brown late-night host. We are here!” – Hasan Minhaj


Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj – a Netflix show – is on a roll! Completely in his element, with slacked shoulders and animated gestures – Minhaj is tackling smart and woke topics. With high-tech graphics and no desk to sit behind, he is redefining the format of late-night shows making it seem like what he jokingly refers to as “a WOKE TED Talk”.

(Photo: Facebook/Hasan Minaj)

So far, he’s dropped two episodes in his stand-up style that should not fool you, for Minhaj means business

In one of his segments Minhaj highlights a section from the official military ‘Welcome Booklet’ the US military trainees get that speaks in racist terms.

“America’s marriage of convenience with Saudi Arabia is starting to feel outdated,” Minhaj declares in the segment. “Our military has been working in Saudi Arabia for decades, and if you are sent for a training mission in Saudi Arabia, this is the official military document you get. It describes the Saudi people as indigenous tribes with some later ‘mixture of Negro blood from slaves imported from Africa.'”

“Oh, America,” the host jokes. “Even in boring technical manuals, you still somehow manage to be racist.”

After this episode, guess what? The United States Central Command (CENTOM) issued an official apology and has sent the  said document for revision!

Oh yeah. That happened.


Desis Represent

(Photo: Facebook/Hasan Minaj)

Of course, creating awareness is what the Minhaj is aiming for and what we love is the little nuggets of desi references he keeps throwing in to tell the brown side of the story.


Like this one

“Our entire lives we get shat on…oh you guys have small dicks, you are bad drivers, you are the colour of poop, you smell like Korean kimchi.”


Or this

“In a classic Asian parent fashion, we are like… 22%? Why not a 100%”


Or the epic lotas vs toilet paper moment…



Netflix has signed the for thirty-two episodes and we can’t wait to watch the rest of them!


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