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Whatsapp, the widely used chat app with 1.5 billion users, has announced an addition of sticker packs on their blog this week. The rollout is said to begin in a couple of weeks for both Android and iPhone users. Some users have already received the update, and here is how it looks:

More users will be receiving this update soon. This is very exciting news for users, as well as for publishers. If you’re a sticker creator, you can create your own sticker packs, bundle ’em into an app and launch.

Default WhatsApp sticker packs include:

  • Cuppy by Minseung Song
  • Salty by Alisa Kryzhanovska
  • Komo by Sanat Rath
  • Bibimbap Friends by Pete Ellison
  • Unchi & Rollie by nu1t
  • Shiba Inu by Aiko Kuninoi
  • The Maladroits by Care On

And there will be more.

Third-party developer stickers will be supported

Much like in Facebook, you will have to download the sticker packs before using them. The starter packs will be limited, but that would change since Whatsapp has also added support packs for third-party sticker apps.


Make your own stickers

You can also create your own stickers! The company has published a guide on how to do that as well. Which means your conversations can now be embellished with a smidge of desiness, or a dollop of it. Or such is the prediction.


Source: tenor

Haven’t received the WhatsApp Stickers update yet?

You’re not alone. And no there is no way that you can, somehow, forcefully download the WhatsApp stickers functionality. You’ll have to wait for the update.

WhatsApp will be rolling out this feature to its users ‘in coming weeks’. There are over a billion users globally, so it might take some time. But haven’t we waited for… like, forever? So just a couple more weeks and stickers pack will be right in your favorite IM app.

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