Nanhi Pari has grown up, why hasn’t MoltyFoam?

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If asked which mattress you would buy for a new bed the chances of MoltyFoam entering your mind are super high. Whether you buy it or not, that’s a different story. But the fact that the brand is top-of-mind means that the bucks they have been spending on marketing all these years have paid off. Kudos to the brand team over the years. Magar not for their brand strategy, unfortunately. The reason they are top-of mind is not because of their campaigns concepts, it’s because for the longest they were the only mattress brand marketing over and over again. And what doesn’t kill you…you remember, because it tried to.

Let’s face it, MoltyFoam is a one-trick pony. They found an emotional approach that worked for them years ago which they now regurgitate, rinse, and repeat. While other brands are moving forward with time, or at least trying to, MoltyFoam seems to be stuck in time like a hamster on a wheel or those expiates who left Pakistan 20 years ago and think mushroom haircuts are still a thing here. They’re not.

The nanhi pari concept has seen generations after generation delve into flashbacks at the time of the now grown up pari getting married as the teary eyed father and daughter have a moment. The moment ends with the time machine annihilator phrase ‘papa jani’ (only if Marty Mcfly knew it was that easy to get back to the present.) Newsflash though: These days girls don’t cry at their weddings unless thier designer has truly fucked up their dress. It happens. Why don’t you make an ad around that insight? You frown now, but will thank us later.


Credit where credit is due though, the product placement is legendary. The mattress never seems to be covered in anything hence displaying the brand name and tagline in each shot. Shabash brand manager for earning your salary fair and square. In the latest Mahira ad, for example – rich house, dolled up bride, and… no bed sheets. This was quite puzzling to us, so we watched the ad again (and again #wepersisted) and finally had an aha moment! It seems MoltyFoam has been collecting all the bedsheets that never made it on-screen for this very ad. They played the long game.

There was reason behind the bare beds, people. Behold, the mundap!

What we find depressing to see is that the family has happy memories only around a kid’s bed. Matlab open the door and explore the world perhaps? (If you think of it this child was also conceived on a bed, but no one mentions that fun. Too much?)

It’s not like the brand hasn’t tried to move away, we know. Their women empowerment ad was pretty insightful and strong.


This ad hit you in the feels because it took an insight and built an ad around that and not just the mattress. Given it was also around a girl getting married, but it revolved around a bigger theme. Why they didn’t learn form is a good question.

A talking bed, however, creepy af


If a child told someone that the bed speaks to her when she is alone…I would fire this agency, twice.

Grow up MoltyFoam because the nanhi pari is tired of doing so. And even if she isn’t we sure are.

It’s time, we think, for MoltyFoam to kill their darlings. Casting big names and spending more on production does not equal new concept. Learn the art of letting go and come up with a fresh idea that has an insight and resonates with people. If you have done it once you can do it again. Trust yourself or actually a creative agency that is actually creative. The fact that you are still selling mattresses is not because of your marketing strategy, trust us.

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