NZ vs Pak Memes and Funny Reactions

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Pakistan vs New Zealand Match Memes and Reactions

It’s become a thing. Every time Pakistan play a match in ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, the Twitterati explodes with memes and funny reactions. This adds to the joy if Pakistan win, and consoles the fans to some degree if the team loses the match. That’s exactly what the reactions to Pak vs Ind match did, where Pakistani fans won over the internet with funny memes and comments.

The team performed well today. Pakistan captain Sarfaraz Ahmed, who was butt of all jokes after the loss to India took a stunner today while keeping.

NZ vs Pak Memes & Reactions

Sarfaraz Celebration Meme.. this is funniest of them all…

Spoke too soon, wait a minute

The Pakistan captain took a stunner today while keeping. So the comparisons had to be drawn with his, now famous, yawn:

Pakistani fans filled the stadium in great numbers. A group of fans decided to wear t-shirts featuring Sarim Akhtar – the popular meme guy…

New Zealand are among the tournament favorites

And were unbeaten so far

But they were in for a surprise

They looked unprepared for the contest

What’s a Pakistan match without a few heart-in-the-mouth moments?

It was a below par total by New Zealand. But no total is too small when Pakistan are chasing

Wasim Bhai made a special appearance too

And made his presence felt

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