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When we hear the words AI, Arnold Schwarzenegger as The Terminator pops into our head (90’s generation represent), Ava from Ex Machina if you are a later produce; and though these were both protagonists the fear of the unknown, of being outsmarted by AI introduces itself. Bakwas. Movies, honestly, set up for such deceptions and yet we never learn.

Luckily AI does.

From voice searches, to reminders and all the way to chatbots, AI has slowly crept into our lives making doing tasks ten times easier. Businesses all around the world are introducing this technology into their business.

Chatbots are the latest buzz. Being adopted by businesses on social media platforms and websites, this no longer futuristic notion is available 24/7 with abundant knowledge of your brand. While many in Pakistan are trying to figure out the best way to integrate it with their brand one social enterprise has already won at BAFTA for their animated series ‘The Ultimate Survivor’ with the protagonist taking the shape of a chatbot to help women in developing countries. Spearheading the AI future, Aurat Raaj has set a unique benchmark for the rest of the market.

Hello Raaji

Created by Saba Khalid founder and Tino Hahn Raaji, the chatbot, is a school teacher from Thar who escaped honour killing and has dedicated her life to educating, helping, and empowering women. You can chat with her by downloading the app on gender violence or health a reproduction.             

The app description read:

Raaji is a chatbot infused with artificial intelligence that allows anonymous users to ask questions about their reproductive health, hygiene, safety, education and employment. Raaji offers no judgment or shame to her users.

In case, she is unable to answer you, with your permission, Raaji can send the query to a trusted human friend who is an expert on the topic. Our human experts have been chosen through an exhaustive procedure and they make sure that your queries are answered in depth until you are satisfied.

Raaji is a product of women’s education and empowerment startup Aurat Raaj. You can visit us at: auratraaj.com

**During the testing phase, we are relying more on human intervention**

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Still in it’s test phase, this is a great initiative in providing an avenue to women to talk about issues that they are not comfortable to talk about with their family or even their friends at times.

The only drawback we see – it’s all in English. Considering more than 50% of our female population doesn’t speak English (according to UNESCO) this could be a challenge. But, but, but, the app is still in it’s testing phase and for all we know the Urdu version is in the works as we write this.

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