7 Apps to Create Personalized Cards, Add Text to Videos and Photos

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Stand out! Why use the images that everyone else uses. Why not create a custom card for loved ones whenever you want to wish them. Be it a birthday, anniversary, or valentine’s day, friendship day, or any other event, a personalized greeting goes a long way in showing your loved ones that you care. The tired old ready-made images you find all over internet just don’t cut it. Not any longer.

The good news is that you can build a personalized card easily. On your iPhone or iPad. There are apps that let you do that, quickly and easily.

7 Apps to Create Personalized Cards

Here is the list of apps that let you create personalized card. You can add text on images, and use easy-to-edit custom templates that you can easily modify. Here’s the list:

1. Adobe Spark Post

This one is from Adobe. And as you would expect, the app is well equipped to customize the images, add text over them and do a whole lot more. You don’t have to be a professional designer to use Adobe Spark. Still, you can create graphics that look like made by someone professional.

Adobe Spark Price:

  • Monthly: $10/month
  • Yearly: $100/year

Download Adobe Spark from App Store

2. Canva – Graphic Design Creator

Canva for iPhone - Graphic Design Creator

Canva is one of the most popular, and high rated app for iPhone and Android. It lets you add text on videos. You also get access to over 60,000 templates made by professional designers. You can use any of those templates to create cards or social posts.

Canva Pricing:

  • Monthly: $12.95/month
  • Yearly subscription: $119.40/year

Canva for iOS

3. Over Edit & Add Text to Photos

Over for iPhone app

Over is an easy to use app with loads of templates that you can use. Whenever there’s an event coming up, you get new templates that you can use. The templates are free as well as paid. You can choose the one you want and customize it easily.

Over Pro subscription cost:

  • Monthly: $15/month
  • Yearly: $100/year

Download Over for iOS

4. Typorama: Text on Photo Editor

Typorama for iOS

Typorama brings more than 100 fonts, and over 50 text styles to make your text look good and unique. You can add curved text, as well as ribbons and other artistic ornaments. Also, you get hundreds of quotes built right into the app so you don’t have to leave the app to search a quote that fits your photo.

The photos you export from the app are watermarked. To remove the watermark, you have to pay.

Typorama Pricing:

  • Unlock Everything – $5.99
  • Typorama PRO – $14.99
  • Typorama PRO Monthly – $2.99
  • Typorama PRO (Special Offer) – $17.99
  • Remove Typorama Logo – $4.99
  • Typorama PRO – $3.99
  • Unlock Premium Text Styles – $3.99
  • Unlock All Overlays – $1.99
  • Typorama PRO – $29.99
  • Random Blocks TextStyle – $0.99

Get Typorama for iOS

5. Hype-Type: Moving Text Photo-s

Hype-Type - Add Text to Videos and Photos

This app lets you do a whole lot more than adding text on photos. You know what’s better than having typography with loads of fonts and styles? The ability to add animated text. With Hype-Type, you get the animation packs that you can use to create custom animation clips for social media. This could be handy in personal as well as business use.

Hype-Type Price:

  • Animation Pack – $1.99
  • Remove Watermark – $1.99
  • Unlock all – $2.99
  • Unlock all features – $19.99

Download Hype-Type for iPhone

6. PicSee

PicSee for iOS

Add text on photos with this cool app that has built in fonts, images, and stickers. The good thing is that the premium version does not cost as much as the other apps. The app has a big collection of stickers that you can add on images. It also includes filters for the photos.

Subscription Pricing:

  • Monthly: $5/month
  • Yearly: $24/year

Download PicSee for iOS

7. Text on Photos and Videos

Text on Photos and Videos

A simple, straightforward, and easy to use app that lets you add text on videos as well as on photos. You get access to fonts to create beautiful typography on videos and photos. You can edit the images easily and quickly and export to share with your loved ones, or on social media.


  • Weekly subscription: $4.99
  • Monthly subscription: $9.99
  • Yearly subscription: $49.99

Get Text On Photos App iOS App Store

There are more similar apps that you can find on the App Store. The one you choose depends on your needs and which one suits you better.

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