Startup Grind Pakistan 2019 tickets go on sale at ridiculous prices

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Startup Grind Pakistan Conference 2019 - Islamabad

An expensive buffet sprinkled with talks for entertainment. Or so it seems.

Startup Grind conference 2019 is happening in Islamabad, Pakistan on November 4-5, 2019. It is a renowned global event, coming to Pakistan for the first time. Google for Startups has partnered with Startup Grind global community to bring the event to Pakistan. It will be held in Serena Hotel.

The speakers line up looks really, really impressive. The event promises plenty of inspiring sessions and fireside chats along with networking opportunities. So, this is exciting.

Only with the pricing structure it seems like we are paying more for the literal food than the food for thought and that is ridiculous to say the least.

Startup Grind Pakistan 2019 Ticket Prices

Here’s what it would cost for you to attend Startup Grind Islamabad.

Student / GuestFull AccessVIP PassNation Builder
PKR 5,000PKR 15,000
(early bird discount)
PKR 25,000 after Oct 20
PKR 50,000PKR 150,000
Entry to all stages
NO Lunch and Tea
Entry to all stages
Lunch and Tea
Everything in Full Access
Reserved seat on mainstage
Invite to Opening Night / VIP Dinner
Everything in VIP Pass
Participation in Winter Retreat
Invite to Closing Dinner
Startup Grind Pakistan Conference 2019 ticket prices

You look at the ticket prices and see if it makes sense to attend Startup Grind Pakistan conference 2019. It’s not easy. And the organizers have made it even more difficult.

Startup Grind Pakistan 2019 is NOT a 2 day event

Unless you are willing to spend PKR 50,000. It’s a one day conference for you. Check in at 9:00am and go home at 6 in the evening. So, 15k for 12 hours.

NO “Free Lunch” for Guests and Students

Not even a cuppa! Believe me.

The Startup Grind student / guest ticket price is PKR 5,000 (discounted price till Oct 20th, PKR 15,000 after that). But if you get this ticket, you better be fasting on the day. Otherwise, be prepared to get embarrassed when everyone else around you is grabbing plates for lunch and you’re left playing PUBG on your phone.

You’ll get water, if it’s your lucky day. And some weird looks too, from the folks munching on their PKR 10,000 luncheon (reminds me of my college days). Which brings us to our next point:

You’re Paying PKR 10,000 for “Tea and Lunch”

That’s right fellas. The only difference between “Student/Guest” and “Full Access” pass is… TEA AND LUNCH. And it better fucking be worth 10k or dharana alert!

It seems like a foodie is making these decisions and for that much money he better be planning a 7-course meal! Twice, because if you buy PKR 50k ticket, you get access to one more spread. Here is how:

PKR 35,000 more for Opening Night & Dinner


Well, this is not entirely bad. If you want to attend the ADVERTISED 2-DAY conference, you better spend 50 grands. Otherwise, the Startup Grind Pakistan does not exist for you till the morning of November 5th. It’s not Nov 4-5, as it is being advertised.

Oh.. and it comes with a “VIP Dinner” on November 4. Mannn, these foodies. Want more food? The admins’ got you!

One lac more for… one more buffet

And some winter retreat.

Get that premium feel of getting to stay late. While everyone else packs up and leaves at 6pm. You get invited to the “Closing Dinner”.

Hooray! One more dinner, bring it on!

And you can also participate in “Winter Retreat”. Not a bad deal for Rs. 150,000.

Startup Grind Pakistan 2019 Ticket Prices Comparison

I would repeat that the ticket prices are not expensive. But they make no sense. Especially the fact that the ONLY difference between Student/Guest and Full Access ticket is the lunch and tea.

Despite this food-inspired pricing, this is a very useful event for investors, startups, and inspiring entrepreneurs to attend. But is it value for money? That’s for you to decide. To me it smells like the Fyre event, ahem.

For those who have the moolah you can get your food ticket here: official website. I’d just want go and see what in the world they are serving that is worth more than an iPhone.

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