Who is Usman? And why is he trending on Twitter?

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Usman Trend on Twitter

Why is Usman trending on Twitter? Not because it’s a slow day and anything with 1k tweets becomes a trend. There are over 20K tweets in a matter of hours, making Usman the latest obsession of Pakistan Twitter.

Who is Usman?

Here’s how to spot an Usman:

  • Usman is the nicest guy. Around girls.
  • Girls love being with Usman… as a friend.
  • Usman has many girl friends. But no girlfriend.
  • It’s 2am and you’re hungry? Usman will bring you chocolates.
  • All Usman wants in return is the love. All he gets in return is love as a friend.

The poor fella got friend-zoned publicly. And tweeps are having a field day.

Why is Usman trending on Twitter?

Usman’s friend Komal was hungry. It was 2:00am in the morning. Komal texted Usman that she was hungry. It’s a not-so-cold October night. Usman gets up and rushes to the nearest store. Buys chocolates – all variants of them he could find, and TUC – for halki phulki bhook. Then he deliver it to Komal.

Komal can’t believe it. She appreciates her friend Usman.

Twitter is quick to spot a friend-zoned guy.

The guy didn’t see this coming…

Are you Usman? Be like Usman.

With friends like Usman, who needs FoodPanda?

Even the girl who friend zoned Usman, Komal Shahid, is trending on Twitter.

Usman trending on Twitter in Pakistan

How do you get “Friend-Zoned”?

Here’s a video of our very own “Major” Adnan Sami getting friend-zoned.

Usman Trend on Twitter

Jokes apart…

It all started with an appreciation tweet. And here we are.

Usman and Komal Shahid could very well be a genuine friends. You know. Not everyone would have an agenda of being nice with women to get in their pants. Yet it’s amazing how everyone would start judging a guy’s intentions just because the poor fella brought chocolates for his friend at 2am. True, it has a funny side to it. But men have this luxury of being able to roam around at 2am, without giving a fuck. It’s not so simple for women. So, guys.. maybe Usman was just being nice. Give the poor guy some space.

Doing something for a marginalized majority of the population makes you a hero, not a joke.

Usman is the superhero every girl needs, as a friend.

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