These Pakistani Brands Trolled and Triggered a Lot of People

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Yes, she sung a bad song and on top of that had the gall to take on the Minister Human Right’s, but must we drag everyone through mud for petty things.

I’m not going to go in the history of what happened and how. I will directly cut to the chase to this appalling show of sheer stupidity to make more money at someone’s expense.

Cafe Liquiteria

Once Upon A Time – OUAT Cafe and Basement


Donjon Pizza

Though two of these posts have now been removed, but once you put something on the internet, it’s always on the internet.

Of course these brands got some well deserved flak for it as well:


After which one of them had the decency to issue and apology:

If this wasn’t enough one troller went the extra mile of WTF-ery and made an account just to tweet this and then deleted it and disappeared. Much brave, such swine. Wow.


It wasn’t before, but it sure as hell is cyber-bullying now.

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