Uncle Tetsu Brings its Japanese Cheesecake & Beverages to Lahore

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Uncle Tetsu Lahore Menu, Prices, Location

One of Japan’s cheesecake joints opened in Lahore last month. Uncle Tetsu brings its signature Japanese cheesecake to Pakistan. The first branch of Uncle Tetsu opened in Lahore, with plans to expand to Karachi and Islamabad. That’s if the Lahore branch gets a good response.

Well the opening did get a good response. A bit more than that in fact. So much so that the cafe had to place a limit on number of cheescake a customer could order, and that was 1 cheesecake per customer.

Uncle Tetsu Lahore Opening
Uncle Tetsu Lahore Opening

The signature Japanese cheesecake is light, fluffy, and a bit saggy. Some reviewers who didn’t like it said that it tasted like half cooked eggs. But then there were loads of customers who loved them. And if you’re not into cheesecakes, the cafe also offers coffee, tea, drinks, and cheese sticks.

Uncle Tetsu Lahore Location

Block B2, Mian Mehmood Ali Kasuri Road, Gulberg III, Lahore

Uncle Tetsu Menu with Price

Cheesecake and Cheese Sticks:

ItemPrice (PKR)
Uncle Tetsu Original Japanese CheesecakeRs. 1,050
Cheese Sticks PackRs. 406

Hot Beverages (Tea and Coffee)

Uncle Tetsu offers some very unique coffee flavors too. Here’s what the coffee menu:

ItemPrice (PKR)
CappuccinoRs. 406
AmericanoRs. 337
DoppioRs. 348
MoccachinoRs. 406
Flat WhiteRs. 406
Caramel LatteRs. 453
Hazelnut LatteRs. 453
Vanilla LatteRs. 453
Hot MochaRs. 453
Bond StreetRs. 638
Ethiopia DurominaRs. 638
GuatemalaRs. 638
Kenya KarimikuiRs. 638
Panama GeishaRs. 2,900
Mixed TeaRs. 314
Cardamom TeaRs. 337
Sri Lankan Lemongrass and GingerRs. 383
North African Peppermint LeavesRs. 383
Whole Camomile BlossomsRs. 383
Caffeine Free TeaRs. 383

Uncle Tetsu menu is pretty impressive, and prices are at par with what other restaurants are offering. Even if you’re not into cheesecakes, you will get some really good quality coffee, smoothies, and cold drinks at Uncle Tetsu.

The taste is unique and different. So, give it a try – visit Uncle Tetsu, next to Gloria Jeans on Lahore’s Mehmood Ali Kasuri road in Gulberg. You won’t be disappointed.

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