Want to Be an Entrepreneurial Success Story in Pakistan?

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Here is how.

If you have thought of being an entrepreneur, no matter how sure or unsure you are, it is a good sign that you can pull it off. Though there is a caveat; no amount of passion, zeal, I-am-the-crazy-one attitude will get you through until you have some real skill to back it up.

If you have ever heard the saying, ‘fake it until you make it’, I’m here to tell you that it is true. If you haven’t made it on the map yet, then act like you have and you will eventually get there. Mind over matter.

There are few common skills common in the start-up circles that if you adopt can make the reality closer to you.

Know how to navigate your way through social media

It’s all about networking. In the past it was all about get togethers, conventions, meet-and-greets. Today it’s all about being on the right platform at the right time. Your target audience is on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

You need to be on those platforms ‘listening’ to them. What they are looking for, what they are asking for, what they don’t know the need yet. It’s also the place to tell the world what you are doing, getting touch with influencers, investors service providers, and customers.

Know that stress is a frenemy, invite it over for tea

No one said this was going to be easy, but it doesn’t have to be so difficult either; be prepared for it. If you have ever taken mindfulness classes you must have heard, ‘invite your stress over for tea, tell it to come and sit with you and see how quickly it disappears.’

Don’t ignore it, but channel it.

Take kick-boxing classes, join the gym, take up yoga – you are going to need a way to turn the negative energy into positive energy.         

Know how write effectively

You don’t have to be Terry Pratchett or Maya Angelou, but you should be able to string words together to get your thoughts across to your audience. Make a conscious effort to resonates with them. And nothing resonates better than a voice that is talking to them, not talking at them.

Even if it’s just a status update you need to be able to put your thought across.

Know how to be productive

Starting your own business requires buckets of self-discipline. It is super easy to be derailed knowing that there are no hard deadlines, no one to answer to because you’re your own boss. So it’s important to have a schedule. Make a to-do list and follow it.

It is not difficult to be productive with tools like Trello, Asana, Workamajig and systems like Pomodoro and Zen to Done that can help you meet your goals in strides.

Know how to focus on one thing for a long time

We all suffer with acquired ADD because there is so much going on around us, but when you enter the entrepreneurial arena you need to be able to enter a trance-like zone.  

You will have to do this intentionally and with a resolve.

Turning off all forms of distractions for a long period of time. At first it will be challenging because you are not used to not checking your phone every 20 seconds. After a while focusing will become part of your routine like unlocking you phone once was.

Know how to talk so people will listen

You don’t have to prepare a speech or be eloquent enough to be invited to a TED Talk, but you should be able to make your voice heard. No matter if it’s a hoarse, squeaky, high-pithed or accented voice you should say something.

Not just any something but a something that is deliberate, succinct, and thoughtful.

Know how to be comfortable when you are uncomfortable

You will have to be in places that you stick out in like a sore thumb. You will face people who will underappreciate, misunderstand, mock, and judge you. That is the fate of an entrepreneur. Get used to this. Get used to feeling awkward.


You need to have a thick skin and keep you goals real. People make entrepreneurs to sound like supermen who network, code, conduct seminars, and do 100m sprint all in a day’s work.

Yes, they need to be crazy but not superhuman.

A genius can be born in any segment, faith, niche, background, industry, weight, hair colour, and gender. Don’t let the limitation of people’s mind limit you.

Be the next crazy one. Godspeed.

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