WhatsApp Goes From Personal to Business

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We asked a room full of 50 people what was the first thing they did when they woke up; most of them replied that they check their phone. When asked which app they engage with first, the answer was in favour of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is where the audience is.

There is no denying the business potential of WhatsApp and so it makes complete sense for them to launch a version completely for SMEs who are looking to engage with their customers. No, we are not talking about bulk messages about fumigation and water tank cleaning services. Spamming is not engaging. It’s annoying like the talking to person who doesn’t shut up.

Unlike any other application and social networks, WhatsApp users only need to have a smartphone and internet connection. That’s a third of your audience.

Difference between personal and business account

So, you can’t have a personal and business WhatsApp on the same number. You have to make that choice when you install WhatsApp Business. That is a call you will need to take if you are using one number. But converting to the business one will import all your personal contacts and messaging on there too, so don’t stress about starting from scratch.

Conducting your business from a personal account can be done, of course but you will miss out on the awesome features that WhatsApp Business offers like quick replies.

WhatsApp Business tools

Company profile

You have the advantage of creating a company profile for your customers. Existing customers might know who you are, but with new ones it will create more trust and provide them with some basics about you. You can include a picture along with your address, business description, email address, and website.

Welcome, absence and quick replies messages

This is a very useful feature for CRM. It allows you to automatically send immediate welcome messages to your customer when they contact you for the first time. Busy in a meeting? The quick reply will let them know you will get back to them as soon as you can.

You don’t have to answer to messages several times, quick replies gives you a shortcut to a hassle-free response. How? Add ‘/’ followed by a code like ‘/bye’ and your customer will receive ‘Thank you for doing business with us. Let us know if we can help you in the future.’ The good thing is the automated messages do not work on groups so basically your account won’t keep saying away to every chat entered there.

Messaging statistics, web usage and video call

Find out how many of your messages we sent, how many delivered and what quantity of that were read. The information right now is quite basic, but we are pretty sure more functionality will be added to this soon.

Like the personal account you can use the business one from the web and in addition video calls.

Futuristically speaking this app can prove to be quite pivotal in CRM if brands learn how to use it as a business tool. It a good, effective, immediate, and free way to talk to your customers.

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