Zartaj Gul’s education seems more comedy based than climate

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She keeps throwing one liners and you expect to hear the audience laughter and applaud like in sitcoms. Now, I’m not very much into politics, so I know when I hear about someone they really have gone out of their way to standout, mostly with their idiocy.

So, I did a little digging on Zartaj Gul Wazir to see who she is, and turns our Minister of State for Climate Change has flair of providing unintended comic relief with such seriousness that anyone with Google or an ounce of a brain knows she is actually flaunting her innate humour to audition for a Pakistan’s next big comic act. The way she chided about a heavy rain and snowfall because of PM Imran Khan any standup comedian can get insecure about their job!

In her last comedy performance, Zartaj Gul talked about Covid-19 and how it means that the flu has 19 points that can affect different people in different ways. The audience were in fits! Even Gulf News recognised her talent.

The netizens ever so alert, and ever so helpful, took her standup act to the next level just so that she doesn’t fall short of ideas.

Snapshot of some of her best performances

It doesn’t matter what her age is, nor what her education is; what matters is that she wants to highlight her funny side because that’s what good comics do. Can Netflix give her a special already?!

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