George Floyd Truck Art Mural by Pakistani Artist

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George Floyd Truck Art - by Pakistani Artist Haider Ali

George Floyd’s unjust murder has not only engulfed United States in violent protests but has also sparked global attention and outrage.

Haider Ali, a Pakistani artist painted truck art mural of George Floyd. The artist used truck art to express support for Floyd. He painted this mural on the wall of his house in Karachi.

George Floyd Truck Art Pakistani Artist

The text in Urdu reads…

Pakistani truck art is popular around the world for it’s visual appeal, consisting of vibrant colors and beautiful floral patterns. But its real beauty lies in the message that is quite often shown alongside the artwork. These quirky one liners are fun read with a message. This artwork has two Urdu one liners that read:

hum kaalay hain tou kia hua dil walay hain
What if I am black… I have a big heart.

goron ki na kaalon ki, dunya hai dilwalon ki
Neither for white nor for black, the world is for those who have a heart.

Haider also posted a heartwarming message alongside the truck art, that read

We are all the same, your cultural roots, gender, religion or skin color doesnt matter. #PhoolPatti is an exchange of love and peace

That’s a beautiful message, delivered in typical Pakistani way.

Check out Phool Patti, Haider’s Facebook and Instagram for more of his artwork.

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