3 Ko Ko Korina Versions you will Love

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Ko Ko Korina Versions

Ko Ko Korina has been in the headlines ever since it came out. Even our human rights minister is talking about it. The song has shattered the records. Fans can’t get enough of it. They are resetting their forgotten YouTube passwords to sign in and dislike the song. Wow!

Apparently, it’s a gift that keeps on giving. The remake has earned enough fame to have it’s own remakes. We have picked three remakes that you will love…

1. Ko Ko Karina Meets Ding Dong

Have to confess, I had a thing for Ding Dong ads as a kid. There ads always fascinated me, and they rolled out new versions frequently to keep us engaged. Well, there hasn’t been a version like this one though:

Friendship with #DingdongCat ended 😐

2. Tom & Jerry Version

Our favorite cartoon always had this funky background music that made the show interesting. Well, who would have thought that Coke Studio house band were talented enough to produce for Tom & Jerry:

Sadly though, kids of today don’t watch Tom & Jerry much. Doraemon is the new king. Oh wait…

Bonus: Ahad Raza Mir as Jiyan from Doraemon

Everyone knows Jiyan, and his ‘love’ for singing.

Only if the poor Jiyan too had “connections” to facilitate his debut in a hit show.

Jiyan from Doraemon singing

Ok, enough of this. Here’s the real deal:

3. Ko Ko Korina Version by Leo Twins


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