Daraz 11.11 Sale

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Daraz 11-11 Sale

No this is not app Daraz is launching, in fact it is a sale with discounts worth 50 crore. The sale will take place on 11th November, November being the 11th month to the year hence 11.11 (who else cracked that code?)

This is the second cycle of their sale; the first cycle was launched in 2018 and resulted in 8x increase in sale volume. In layman terms, they screamed, ‘show me the money!’ and the buyers did.

The 11.11 or Gyara Gyara sale emulates the Black Friday model AliExpress follows tying in with top brands and sellers, and why not? It was acquired by AliBaba in 2018, after all and Jack Ma defiantly knows his shit on how to sell shit.

What is the 11.11 sale?

According their post: 11.11, or Gyara Gyara as it is fondly referred to in Pakistan, is the world’s biggest 24-hour sale. It initially began in China as a sale to celebrate single folks which is why it was originally titled Singles Day Sale. Since then however, the sale has evolved to simply be known as the 11.11 sale across Asia.

If you want to know how to make the most of the sale, how to make easier and faster payments, how to build a shopping list, what you should definitely get your hands on and more Daraz has been writing instructions about it in blog posts.

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