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Pepsi Battle of the Bands with its season 2 is bringing a whole lot of good music to us. Not to be compared with Coke Studio that represents infamous artists, PBOTB seeks original bands and brings them into the spotlight. God knows we have a lot of talent in our country waiting to be discovered. Diamonds in the rough. Though the timings of the releases are quite strategic – Friday when Coke Studio airs its episodes. Naughty, naughty.

This time Pepsi takes it up a notch

They dropped a teaser that reveals eight bands that will be releasing their music videos in collaboration with Pepsi every week.

  • Eight weeks, eight bands

The teaser unveiled Xarb, Tamaasha, Aarish, Kashmir, Auj, Bayaan, E Sharp and Blackhour

E-sharp – ‘O Shabnam’ the first released video

Reminiscent of the 90s era when pop music was on its peak and shows like VJ brought new bands/videos to our TVs, this song kicks of #TheBandsAreBack platform. ‘The love anthem of the year’, as per the band itself it appeals to the fun side.

Kashmir – Parwana Hun

‘Next up, we have a powerful video by Kashmir for their song Parwana Hun, that takes us through an individual’s journey to find truth’ – Pepsi Battle of the bands.

There are six more songs to go and if not excited we are curious to see how they unfold.

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