Servis Shoes Truly for Everyone as per These Memes

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First, I was today years old when I found out it was spelt Servis and not Service, all thanks to my research on the latest trend of meme trend its jingle has created. It aaaaall started, like most things usually do, with a college boy getting bored. It is safe to assume that Covid-19, the cause of much creativity, made him create a video of his college fam and he posted that on Twitter:

Thousands of people watched it and the best trend of 2020 thus far took a life of its own and people started to make their own edits. Office, Friends, Imran Khan, Harry Potter, Wasim Badami…the version kept coming and still are.

You want to see them all? Don’t you worry, I got your back. Here are some you might have missed:

The Political Servis

The Meme Servis

The Cricket Servis

The Wasim Badami Servis

The Friends Servis

The Potter Servis

The Office Servis

The Original Servis

It seems Servis has nothing to do with it (bummer), but they did make that awesome jingle, well the agency did, and they approved it, which is also a big feat. Long story short, they have gained a once-in-a-lifetime ticket to the viral world, a place every brand wants to be desperately, just because once upon a time long, long ago they let the agency be creative.

Here is the original ad, not that anyone cares right now, but I do because this gave us those awesome lyrics that are so relatable and memeable.

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