Khel Deewano Ka: Official PSL 4 Anthem – Yay or Nay?

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The PSL fever is back. Like the ring of Sauron, cricket is that one sport that binds us all regardless of age, gender, creed or political views. It brings out the best and the worst in us and turns us into helicopter players. We aren’t bankers, doctors, engineers, students, employers, and employees anymore; for those few weeks we are all hardcore cricketers.

Every year, because marketing can make or break your game, PCB comes up with an official anthem for the season that since the beginning of time (read PSL) was sung by Ali Zafar until this year, dhun dhun. Before we go into who performed it this year (yes, Fawad Khan) and how it did, let us first take moment to engage our conjectural selves on why the face changed. The reason from the horse’s mouth is that he had a busy schedule and could not fit the dates in. Yeah, mmhmm, alright, #metoo. Just going to leave it at that.

Fawad Khan’s swag

2019: Fawad Khan swoops in with is good looks and Bollywood acquired swag to put his spin on the anthem. Quite frankly, we miss Ali Zafar. Though, we missed him last year too when he sung the PSL 3 anthem WHILE he was singing it. Sounded like a the PSL 2 version died and PSL 3 was paying tribute to it.

The analysis

The lyrics are alright, could definitely have been better and more inspiring. The chorus however is quite hummable. We wish they had taken a more dramatic approach where the crux of it is play or be played. But of course, that is a different auditory journey all together and we haven’t seen PSL embark on it yet.

Chal josh dekha de tou
Aur baja bajade tou
Maidan saja de tou
Yeh khel deewano ka

Most of the internet is hating on the vocals deeming Fawad as a murderer of the song. We asked a few of our friends in the music industry and they seem to agree with us – musically, it’s fun and encapsulates the playful spirit no matter what you have against it vocally. The win for many starts at 2:44 when Young Desi takes on the floor and sets it on fire with a mic drop that should have been shot but wasn’t. Instead we were left with the mention of Ninja Turtles and for the life us we can’t understand why. Is it beeecause they are green?

The verdict

All in all, PSL 4 anthem is a thumbs up for us, contrary to popular opinion, and now we can’t wait to hear the team anthems. And if any one of those incorporates haka in theirs, that is the team we are supporting this year.

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