Nextbridge (Pvt) Limited to Hire Intern IT Recruiter ‘without Abaya, Veil or Scarf’

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Veil / Hijab at Workplace

Man, what’s wrong with these software companies. Nextbridge Pvt Limited is looking to hire an ‘Intern IT Recruiter’, and is willing to pay a gracious 13-15,000 per month. They require someone with a bachelors or masters degree. You don’t need any experience as this is an ‘intern’ role.

Sounds like a good opportunity. But there’s one more requirement. The candidate must be “Willing to wear business attire without Abaaya, Veil or Scarf.” The position is based in Nextbrige Lahore office, not in London.

Sure it wouldn’t be hard to find someone who fulfills these requirements. But making it a part of criteria is troubling. Especially when the role does not really require an attire without a hijab or scarf. Here is what the candidate is required to do:

  • Sourcing CVs from available mediums such as Application Tracking System, ROZEE.PK, Linkedin for IT/Software Engineering related roles
  • Pre-qualifying candidates over phone to determine the relevancy of their profiles to the respective roles
  • Scheduling and setting up face to face interviews of candidates to get them assessed on technical grounds by the department managers.
Nextbridge (Pvt) Limited Job Post for Intern IT Recruiter ‘without Abaaya, Veil or Scarf’

Now, how come someone wearing a hijab can not do these tasks?

Still, it’s better than hiring someone and then telling them what not to wear. That’s what Creative Chaos did – told an employee to not to wear hijab to work, and the CEO had to resign when the pressure built up.

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