#JusticeforInam Comsats Islamabad Student Dies of Cardiac Arrest on Campus

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Inam, a Comsats Islamabad Student dies of Heart Attack

Another day, another sad incident owing to negligence of a university administration. Inam, a Comsats University Islamabad BBA second semester student died of heart attack at university campus.

The students have blamed negligence of university administration for student’s death.

Negligence of Comsats University Administration

Inam’s life could have possibly be saved if he was provided timely medical attention. But as the student was suffering a cardiac arrest, there was no ambulance available to take him to the hospital. His friends tried taking him to hospital in a private car. But the private car was DENIED ENTRY. Guards won’t let the car enter the university premises because students’ cars are not allowed to enter the campus.

The guards were just following orders, but who makes these stupid rules? Why are student’s cars not allowed on campus, not even in an emergency?

And even the bigger question is, why is there no ambulance parked at the university campus? No first aid providers either.

Conflicting Statements

In a typical attempt to shun the responsibility, the statement from university administration claimed the cause of death to be a head injury that the student suffered as he fell down the stairs.

Later on, Comsats University contested the student body’s claim of negligence in a statement, that read:

The student suffered from a massive cardiac arrest and was immediately rushed to the Medical Center where he was administered emergency medical treatment by trained medical professionals.

After administering emergency treatment, the student was rushed to National Institutes of Health Medical Complex, Islamabad, for further medical treatment.

Inam was declared dead on arrival by the hospital.

#JusticefoInam Comsats students stage protests

Students persist that Inam died due to negligence of university administration. A large number gathered in and around campus to stage protests. Many of them have voiced their concerns and demanded action. #JusticeforInam

This is second incident of negligence involving a university in a week. Just last week, a Bahria University student fell from 4th floor of the campus and died. These incidents raise serious questions on security and safety of universities in Pakistan.

How many incidents of negligence it would take for HEC and authorities to take action?

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